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About Us

Marco MerloniLondon, UK
Co-founder (and next head of the world) of apricot-juice.com: design, pr, events and fashion.

Margherita Gaffarelli
, London, UK
Co-founder and performer of apricot-juice.com: illustration, new media, cognitive science and video.

Nicoletta Dalfino Spinelli
, Berlin, GERMANY
Art editor and artist: art, photography, exhibitions, publications and theory.


Alessandro Aino, Milan, ITALY
Editor and writer: design, music, cinema, advertising and literature.

Riccardo Gambi
, London, UK
Editor and compositor: video, VXF XVF FVX, movies, interactive websites, visual poetry.

Previous Contributors

Gennaro Girasole, Shanghai, CHINA
Collaborator and designer: graphic design, design, typography and social communication.

Alex Aozora, New York, USA
Collaborator: fashion, design, street life and adventure.

Fabrizio Piolanti, Forlì, ITALY
Previously contributor and entrepreneur: economy, strategy, new technology and mind training.

Simone Chiovitti, Milan, ITALY
Previously contributor and researcher: TRASH CORNER, art, bio technology and philosophy.


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