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Famous Fonts In Iconic Buildings

Helvetica buildingPOP has, in collaboration with Pär Ågren, produced a serie of posters presenting and illustrating different typefaces.
Helvetica was drawn in 1957 by the Swiss designer Max Miedinger. The goal was to find a neutral typeface to be used everywhere, without creating any associations. One could say he succeeded since Helvetica is used just about everywhere and has been model to a range of new typefaces.
Claude Garamond worked in Parin in the 16th century and drew a font to be used in a series of books on commission by the French king Francis the 1st. The typeface got spread around Europe only when Claude died and the types were sold to a book printer in Antwerpen.
Futura was drawn in 1927 by the German designer Paul Renner and was launched as “the typeface for our time”. The characteristics of Futura are the pointy tops on A and M. Just like the pyramids.


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