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Scuba Libre Under The Sea | Swatch brings music in the Underground

We’re are back on track after a little vacation… but in reality we were looking for new contents and amazing stuff to share with you. Especially these days, where in London weather looks definitely better than every other month of the year, we’ve been invited to discover and test some tech beauty that speak out ‘SUMMER’ from every tic: Scuba Libre, the new Scuba collection by Swatch!


Our journey started in the Swatch’s flagship store in St Paul, where we’ve got the chance to try on some of them: bold indicators in high-contrast colours which are easy to read when swimming or diving to the depths of the sea.  Each watch is water-resistant to 20 bar (200m) with rotating bezels and snug, rugged silicone straps.


Swatch, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, has launched its new advertising campaign on the Central line Tube network by wrapping an entire tube train to promote its latest watch collection and when we finally got in we faced this happy and singing crew! (great outfit btw!!!)


At some point in the video, you can also see US testing our favourite which have funny and fish names like Clownfish, Chlorofish, Cuttlefish! For something more rugged and military, DeepTurtle comes on a nylon strap with racing green lines shooting through the strap with a plastic durable case. Playero is the vivacious watch from the collection, bright yellow and featuring a tropical deep blue dial.


Swatch Scuba Libre embraces the holiday ambiance: fun, carefree and playful which are designed for summer life exploring the sea, beaches or cities as soon as the summer months kick in.


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