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ITV3 papercut idents


Behind the scenes

The idea for the ITV3 idents came from the area of collections. The drama content on the channel is some of the greatest in the world and forms a rich and diverse collection that is curated by ITV3.

It was important to reflect the craft and detail that goes into the making of these dramas and celebrate their quality and values. This is why we wanted them to be all handcrafted and to have a human touch. We wanted to be able to see the fingerprints that made the work, so, like the dramas themselves, they were beautiful, real and believable.

We created an original collection of hand made stories, built totally in paper and housed in our ITV3 bell jars, that reflect the content on the channel being influenced by the schedule.

Espen Haslene – head of animation and illustration house Tundra* invited long time friend Martin Andersen along to collaborate on this project.

Tundra* & Andersen M Studios drew on their vast combined wealth of experience in model making, stop-frame animation using paper, compositing and CGI to deliver this set of visually beautiful, hand-crafted animations.

ITV3 Story Collections Idents

Director – Espen Haslene

Co-Director – Martin M. Andersen

Art Director – Karine Faou

Executive Creative Producer – Andy Soup / Soup Factory Ltd.

Producers – Jason Underhill, Ben Sullivan Production Assistant – Jade Bogue Senior Model Maker – Line Lunnemann Andersen Model Makers & Cutters – Cat Johnston, Helene Baum, Rosy Nicholas Illustration – Keeley Sheppard, Paulina Slebodzinska Storyboard artist – Oscar Arancibia Computer Animation & Compositing – Dominic Burgess, Aaron Trinder, Marc Hardman, Letty Fox , Oscar Granse Compositing assistant – Adam Stewart 3D Modelling & CGI – Duncan Burch @ Lumiere Studios Sound Design – Mikkel H. Eriksen (Instrument Studio) Music Composition for ‘Darker’ – Mikkel H. Eriksen (Instrument Studio) Studio Manager – Elina Masai Andersen Directors Rep – Jade Bogue @ Soup Factory


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    March 19, 2013

    Reblogged this on msamba.

  2. Lily Wight
    March 22, 2013

    That’s amazing! I’ve never seen this before. I think you might like this http://lilywight.com/2013/03/16/lotte-reinigers-fairy-tales-movies-you-might-have-missed/ xx

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