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Body explorer | A graphic experience to protect your body

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago asked Helpful Strangers to create an interactive experience which describes what happens when the human body is put into extreme situations.

Body explorer

“Fred gets lost in a forest at night and while he is trying to get back to camp, he is chased by a nasty wolf and… We don’t want to give away too much. We have done a lot of thinking for this story because we wanted to make it fun and engaging, but at the same time it had to be accurate and meaningful from a medical and scientific point of view. So for instance, we had to let go of the idea of a fireball coming from outer space as it would have not represented an interesting educational focus point, just probably a spectacular way for Fred to end up in ashes.”

Body explorer 1

So while you’re playing, you’ll learn something about your body and the way to protect it.

Body explorer 3


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