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Web Lab, a great experiment by Google and B-Reel

“A project that aims to bring the magic of the web to life through 5 Chrome Experiments. All the experiments are not only open to the world online, but also live in a new exhibition at the Science Museum, London.

The idea behind Web Lab is to illustrate the extraordinary workings of the internet and inspire visitors about the possibilities of the web. Our role was to create a brand identity that could be used across the project, as well as design and produce the web-based experience that connects the online world to the exhibition.”

Universal Orchestra

The first of the five experiments is called Universal Orchestra and features real instruments that can be played via a web interface by visitors in the Science Museum. Online visitors can collaborate in real time, each playing an instrument in the same orchestra through a similar interface on the website.

Data Tracer

The Data Tracer experiment is designed to visualise the vast structure and incredible speed of the web in an engaging way. A stylised model of the world allows users to search for any image on the web and then reveal how data travels to retrieve that image.


Sketchbots invite online and museum visitors to capture their portrait and have it drawn in the sand by a robot in the physical space. Users can then watch and share a bespoke video of the results.


The Teleporter experiment lets viewers travel instantly and immersively to far away places across the globe. 360 video feeds from an aquarium in Capetown, a miniature village in Hamburg and a bakery in Carolina let users explore and save snapshots to share.

Lab Tag Explorer

Finally, Lab Tag Explorer gives an overview of the Web Lab community. Users are invited to browse other visitors’ creations and explore the connections between them in a series of infographics.

See the magic of the web brought to life through 5 Chrome Experiments.
Open to the world online. Live from the Science Museum, London.

The experience uses the latest features of HTML5, JavaScript and WebGL technology to realise the experiments and demonstrate the power of the modern web.

A collaboration between Google and B-Reel with a nice help from Tellart, Universal Design Studio, Bibliothèque, Fraser Randall and the Science Museum all played a huge part.


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