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Initiated as a project at Werkplaats Typographie, Dries Wiewauters. began exploring a stencil based system originally designed by Joseph A. David. In 1876 David acquired the patent for a system that he had invented for sign-writers. With a universal stencil, all UPPERCASE, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, accents etc could be sourced from the grid of the stencil. Dries used this stencil or Plaque Découpée Universelle (PDU) and began an exploration into the liberties and restrictions of a unified grid.

PDU Newspaper 

This specimen catalogue explains the history of, and the reason behind the making of the PDU. It also contains an essay called “Le Système Typographique Imparfaite” which deals with the quest for a perfect system and it’s inherent flaws.
Format 317mm x 457mm
12 page printed
Designed by Dries Wiewauters
Printed by the Newspaper Club
Edition: 67/100 — £6
Buy it here.

PDU Stencil

With this stencil every letter of the alphabet – including numerals, small caps, punctuation, … – can be constructed. Each stencil is send in a sturdy plastic protective wrapper.
Format 65mm x 113mm
Lasered Stencil
Designed by Dries Wiewauters
Lasered in Antwerp by BLC

More on www.colophon-foundry.org


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